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While it's very possible to be stuck in a drive-thru traffic jam with cars behind you, honking to make you move forward every possible inch, don't give in. Inching forward until you're bumper-to-bumper really doesn't move the line any faster and can lead to fender benders.

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Should: Be prepared to order when your turn comes (as best as possible) Generally speaking, the purpose of a drive-thru lane is to provide diners with a quick meal on the go. There's more to a drive-thru window's appeal, of course, but the main crux of the culinary concept is to provide food swiftly and efficiently.

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Let me tell you what I know from my experience in fast food: From the moment you pull up to the menu, a bell dings and a timer starts in the kitchen. You might notice it, black rectangle with red digital numbers. The longer you take to order, the longer that timer runs. At the end of a shift, the managers check the time average on the computer.

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A writer for Odyssey with fast food drive-thru experience broke down why a drive-thru worker will ask you to pull ahead. She said, "If you've ever been asked to 'pull ahead' while in the drive-thru, you know that it can be slightly frustrating, especially if you then see a bunch of other cars getting their food behind you.

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The good news is that fast food restaurants seem to have gotten their post-pandemic act together again when it comes to speed. The average total time in the drive-thru line is nearly 10 seconds.

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14. Assuming the restaurant staff can't hear your conversations. Jacob Lund/Shutterstock. The drive-thru line is not the place to have a private conversation. Whether you realize it or not, it is likely that the worker on the other side of the speaker can hear a lot (if not all) of your conversation.

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The employees were probably just trying to make up time. His food was probably near done, maybe within 30 or 40 seconds,so sort of impractical to have them pull and park, and especially unsafe at night. So they ask to pull forward and back so the time resets.

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Do you ever wonder why McDonald's drive-thrus ask you to pull forward? In this video, we'll explain why and answer some other frequently asked questions. #Mc.

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You see, many fast food drive-thrus are timed on how quickly they are serving customers and getting them through the line. Many drive-thrus actually have timers that record when a car enters the drive-thru and how long it sits at the window. For instance, the ZOOM Nitro drive-thru timer gauges performance at the window and helps corporations make adjustments if a restaurant is underperforming.

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Whenever you're pulled ahead, it means that your order is taking a little longer for the kitchen to prepare, but the order behind you is ready to go. 19. Andythagiant. โ€ข 6 yr. ago. Rule is to park any orders that are above 200 seconds at my store. This rule however is rarely enforced but I still try to get into the habit of doing it.

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drive thruBurger King Drive-Thru Workers Try To Cheat The Timer System. If an employee of Burger King or other fast-food drive-throughs ever asks you to back up before pulling forward, they're.

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Blight on walkability. Another dynamic is that drive-thrus damage walkability because they require so many curb cuts cut into the street. For example, just past downtown along Saint Paul's West.

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Late this summer, drive-thru times slowed by about 26 seconds compared to last year, according to a study. That may not seem like much โ€” but in the world of fast food, every moment counts.

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8. Keep your equipment and supplies organized. Organization is a critical part of a smooth drive-thru operation. Make sure that everything is easily accessible, your team is trained on where to find everything, and ensure you have backup supplies easily available in case something runs out. 9.

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McDonald's employees lives are hard enough, how about you don't make it worse and just be a decent person. If they get you to pull up it's probably because they have to make your order fresh because it's not already made. Don't be a dick. That's a great way to get your fries pulled from the oil early. Seriously, though.

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Drive-thrus are popping up everywhere lately, and not always how we've come to expect. You can soon drive thru not just at standard fast food joints, but also at restaurants like Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, and Applebee's, where companies are trying to better cater to mobile pickup orders. According to QSR Magazine, drive-thru purchases now make up an average of 65% of total sales for.