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Barmbrack. Irish barmbrack is a kind of sweet bread made with sultanas, raisins and glacé cherries. It's enjoyed year-round, warmed in an oven and cut into slices that are then smothered with butter. However, it's also a traditional Irish Halloween treat, and at this time of year it's baked with a twist - small trinkets such as coins.

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56 Units per Box. €28.99. There are no special offer products to list. Buy Irish Sweets at Sweet Co, Ireland's largest and cheapest online sweet shop. We stock Irish sweets such as Cadburys, Oatfield, Caffreys, Cleeves and many more. Looking for old Irish Sweets, then browse for sweets like Macaroon, Dairy Milk,

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ABOUT SHANDON SWEETS. Shandon Sweets is a traditional Irish, multi-award winning Sweet Factory and shop located in the famous Shandon Quarter of Cork City. Sweets have been made at this site by the Linehan family since 1929. Our sweets are handmade, using traditional methods & original machinery, which date back to the early 1900's.

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10 Best Irish Desserts To Try. Read on and discover some of the tastiest and most authentically Irish desserts. 1. Guinness Cake. This delectable delight — a rich chocolate cake with a distinctively Irish flavor - is a must-try on any list of Irish desserts. It is one of the more popular sweets on the list, with just the proper amount of.

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About Us. Allsorts Of Sweets was opened by Enda Heneghan on 30th June 2012. The shop has enjoyed great success to date and since its opening has added an extensive range of American Candy and specialist Traditional Irish Sweets. We are now pleased to be able to offer our loyal customers the ability to order sweets online and have them delivered.

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The cool climate in Ireland has done little to dampen the spirits of local dessert makers. The Irish people understand the importance of enjoying the sweeter side of life, and they have truly mastered the art of desserts in Ireland. Their sweets and treats are crafted with a balanced form that marries style and substance.

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You Pick, We Mix bags lets you choose up to 16 of your favourite sweets, with over 50 varieties to choose from, available in 800g and 300g.. Sweet Factory is a family business since 1993, with a mission to bring the best selection and tasting Pick'N'Mix to Ireland. Quick Links. Delivery. Contact Us.

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Our online store is temporarily closed. We are currently closed to facilitate staff annual leave. Don't worry - we'll be back soon to cure your sweet cravings! In the meantime, you can sign up to our email list below if you haven't already done so to keep up to date with us and to receive exclusive offers & discounts! - Sweet Sensations Team.

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Dublin has no shortage of great desserts on the menu but we wanted to pick 10 of the best that you simply have to try before you die (or just leave the capital!). You might want to sign up for a new gym membership before you get stuck in to these…. 10th. Panna Cotta - Coppinger Row. This is the simplest dessert on the list (bit of cream or.

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Ireland is renowned for delicious sweets, such as Kimberley Mallow Cakes, Opal Fruits, Roy of The Rovers chews and Black Jacks. What snack was invented in Ireland? Tayto Crisps, a crisps and popcorn producer in Ireland, was established in May 1954 by Joe Murphy and is currently owned by the German snack food company Intersnack.

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Top the mousse with some Irish fresh whipped cream, chocolate flakes, and a dash of Bailey's if you have a sweet tooth. Simply scrumptious. 3. Barmbrack. Irish barmbrack is a bread baked with raisins, sultanas, and glacé cherries. It is usually enjoyed toasted with a healthy lathering of creamy Irish butter.

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1. Apple Tart. A classic Irish dessert that showcases the humble apple in all its glory. Tart, sweet, and bursting with apple goodness, this dessert is a must-try for any apple aficionado. Originating in the 17th century, apple tarts gained popularity in Ireland due to the abundance of apples in the country.

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The grandaddy of sweet treats. 11. Bullseyes. A quarter of bulleyes would set you up nicely on a Saturday. 10. Rose Cream Pies. Finding one of these in your lunch box was like winning the lottery. 9. Candy Sticks. Because back in the day sweets were occasionally marketed as fake cigarettes. 8. Rhubarb & Custards. The established classic. 7. Smileys

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9. Bon Bons - the sweets that lasted longer than most. One of the sweets you'll remember if you grew up in Ireland, no matter the generation, is the classic Bon Bon. Many opted for these because they were chewy and long-lasting, so a few went a long way. Choices included pink, yellow, or white.

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Consisting of a raspberry and milk flavoured chew on a stick, at the time it was the only chewy lolly available and the distinct chewy texture and dual flavours have made the Drumstick Lolly a firm f.. Planet Candy is Ireland's biggest & best online sweet shop! Choose from over 1200 varieties of retro sweets, bulk sweets, chocolate & sweet.