Slow Cooker Snowman Soup Hugs and Cookies XOXO

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Materials Needed: Candy cane. Hot cocoa mix. Marshmallows. Free snowman soup 4. Simple and easy, this is a great classroom gift for your kids to make and bring to school. We love the excitement of the first snow of the season! But by the fourth and fifth snowfall we are usually waiting for Spring to come! We love Oriental Trading Company for.

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Mix all ingredients together in a large container. Store in a sealed container until ready to use. 1 box instant powdered milk, 1 6-ounce jar powdered coffee creamer, 1 2-pound box Nesquik chocolate milk powder, 1 pound powdered sugar. To make hot cocoa, fill a mug 1/3 full with the mix, add hot water, and stir.

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Instructions. Heat a cup of hot water or milk. When done, pour this into a large cup or mug, Add to this the contents in the hot chocolate packet and the marshmallows. Stir this with your candy cane (yes, the candy cane will begin to melt, giving your "soup" a wonderful peppermint flavor. Your Snowman Soup is ready to enjoy!

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SNOW MAN SOUP Family Fun Recipe to make at home. Warm some milk adding 2 tsps of sugar per cup. Pour the mixture into mugs, stir 1/2 tsp. of Vanilla extract into each , then top with a dollop of whipped cream. Float a candy corn nose and chocolate chips for the smile and eyes. If you have a lot of snow your kids will love these when they come.

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Combine soup and milk as directed on the can. Heat the soup in the microwave or on the stove. (you can also use this recipe from the Campbell's Soup Website ). While the soup is cooling, you can make the optional hat and bread. Using the rolling pin, roll one piece of bread as flat as possible. Use the pizza roller to cut away crust and cut.

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Or, hand-write a gift tag with the following poem: Was told you've been real good this year, Always glad to hear it! With freezing weather drawing near, You'll need to warm the spirit. So here's a little Snowman Soup. Complete with stirring stick. Add hot water, sip it slow. It's sure to do the trick!

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Directions. Place the hot cocoa packet, Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Hugs, and mini marshmallows in a plastic bag or cellophane wrap. Place the wrapped items in the bottom of a gift mug. Place the candy cane stick or cinnamon stick inside the mug or tape it to the outside of the mug. Write out or print out one of the snowman soup poems.

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Step 5 - Place the carrot chunks in a large food processor with the garlic, the ginger, and 3 cups of the broth and puree until the mixture is smooth. Step 6 - Transfer the carrot puree to a heavy cooking pot and add the remaining broth, the coriander, and the allspice. Step 7 - Cook the soup mixture over medium heat, stirring occasionally and.

Slow Cooker Snowman Soup Hugs and Cookies XOXO

Add boiling water and stir to combine, with a candy cane of course! Top each cup with a small handful of mini marshmallows. To assemble gift bags -. Place a hot chocolate packet, 3-4 candy kisses, a candy cane and handful of marshmallows in each snowman cup. Wrap cup in cellophane wrapping and twist top on to secure.

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Step 4: Package up the snowman soup. Gather the ingredients for snowman soup. You'll need a packet of hot chocolate mix, a candy cane, 10-20 mini marshmallows, 2 Hershey's Kisses, and 1 Hershey's Hug. Place the ingredients in the cellophane treat bag and close the bag with a twist tie. Punch a hole in the top corner of the snowman soup label.

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Directions. Step 1 - Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Step 2 - On a large, lightly oiled baking pan, arrange the carrots, lightly season them with the salt and the pepper, and drizzle with the oil. Step 3 - Roast the seasoned carrots, turning them over halfway through, until they are fork-tender and nicely caramelized, about 45 minutes.

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Snowman Soup Gift Instructions: Place one package of hot chocolate mix in the bag. Add in 10-15 mini marshmallows. Add 2 chocolate kisses and one candy cane stick or small candy cane. Trim the bag if too long. Print printable bag toppers, fold them in half and staple them to the top of the bag.

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Bring a soup pot to a medium heat with oil. Saute onions and garlic until they become translucent and fragrant. Add remaining 4 cups of water to the pot, along with vegetable bouillon cube, potatoes, thyme, rosemary, one teaspoon of salt, and a few shakes or grinds of black pepper. Bring the water to a simmer.

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These are Easyโ€ฆ.scoop in a few heaping spoonfuls (more to make 2/3 cups of hot cocoa) into the jar, then top with chocolate chips, and finally marshmallows) Screw on the lid and print out a sheet of the long snowman soup labels on full label paper. I cut them apart and then cut down the middle to separate the area of wording from the picture.

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Directions. Pour the milk into a mug. Mix the sugar and chocolate chips into the milk. Microwave the milk for 1 minute, then stir. Microwave the milk for another minute, then stir until the chocolate chips have all melted. Use black and orange writing icing to draw a snowman face on each marshmallow.

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DAY 11 OF 12: Snowman Soup Printable. Today's design is a request from one of our followers. Samantha wanted to do a Snowman soup favor, which is a great gift idea for Christmas class favors . This snowman soup printable design features a cute snowman relaxing in a cup of cocoa. It includes one 8.5ร—11 PDF file with 2 pouch wrappers per sheet.