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quote: What happens if you refuse to pull forward in a drive thru? They contact two therapists. One for you, to make sure you are okay and safe since you have to wait a extra two minutes for your frenchie fries and the other for the triggered single mothers with three jobs and six children working the drive thru.

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If a customer refuses to pull forward, don't push.. The drive-thru has sensors, so the store can monitor how long a car has to wait. "We get measured based on something we call OEPE. Order end.

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As a 12-year veteran of this business, my biggest pet peeve is when you ask someone in the drive-thru who's food is not ready to pull up, and they refuse to do so. I honestly do not understand the mentality behind this response. I feel like it's incredibly selfish behavior, honestly.

Poeye's Attendant Sings At DriveThru

On Reddit, users who claim to be current and former fast food employees discussed ways they tried to improve efficiency. One person wrote, "Asking you to drive ahead is somewhat of a way to game the system by getting you off the sensor loops and stopping the clock." Meanwhile, another commented, "We tell you to pull forward to the first window.

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They are the most annoying words at the drive-thru. Please pull forward and we'll bring your food out to you! You know at that point it's going to take for.

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They both had to pull forward but the car in front refused to move because they didn't want these guys taking off. It shut our drive thru down for an hour and a half. Our lobby was rockin. The.

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But don't get too cozy. Just like dining at a restaurant, there is still etiquette you should adhere to when in line for a Frappuccino. We scoured Reddit, from SubReddits for all fast food.

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10. SharksFan4Lifee. • 7 yr. ago. Yes you can refuse, but then they get pissed. I'm with you though, if you pull forward and then the food comes, you have 5 seconds to check before you are out of range of getting that employees attention, forcing you to park and go inside to rectify it. Once about 5 years ago I went to Carl's Jr and ordered a.

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Adria D. North Park, San Diego, CA. 1238friends. 649reviews. Years ago I used to be a Private Investigator and for awhile I was in charge of rating drive thru time it takes, temperature of food, friendliness etc. It's a thing corporations like Burger King pay for. I will never eat at fast food again.

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Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's greatest hackers, once pulled off the ultimate stunt by hacking a fast food drive-thru intercom. "At 16 years old, I worked out how to hack McDonald's," said Kevin. "And it wasn't for a free Big Mac." During this time, Mitnick was interested in magic and amateur radio.

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1:06. A 33-year-old Athens man was barred from the McDonalds on Prince Avenue this week after he objected to a clerk "telling" him to pull forward at the drive-thru window. "McDonalds is.

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Lately, I have noticed a disturbing trend at the drive-through window. When they don't have your order ready by the time you get to the second window, they ask you to "pull up" and wait for.

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The only time I've ever been asked to pull forward in the drive-through was when ordering something really complicated (such as ordering for a car full of people and their myriad special requests).. If you refuse to pull forward, you're just artificially slowing the line down. If the store has some sort of assembly line problem so that.

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Fast food drive thru is a bit like the "10 items or less" line at a grocery store. Yes, you can shove your loaded cart through that line, but other customers would appreciate you not doing that. Same with the drive-thru. It was meant for quick and easy orders. Drive up, "burger, fries, drink," drive up and pay, drive up and collect, and drive off.

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It's really just selfish not to pull up, even though it's hypocritical of drive thrus to ask it. I pull up, but let's not sweep what is happening under the rug. You are "selfishly" not allowing them (on site manager) to lie to their bosses about the awesome and prompt service they provide. They even get complicated orders out in less.