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Loaded with the signature Takis flavors that fans love and adore, the new snack became available nationwide starting February 26. Priced at over $3.99, the Buckin' Ranch flavor can be availed in.

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Takis Buckin' Ranch will skip the heat and go straight for the creamy, zesty flavors of the fan-loved ranch dressing. So, if you like Cool Ranch Doritos but still think they can be a bit bold for your taste, Takis Buckin' Ranch might be the way to go. The crunchy, rolled chip may not be spicy, but that doesn't mean it skimps on flavor.

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Takis fans across the country can rejoice — the brand is adding a hot new flavor to its lineup. Dubbed the "Intense Nacho" flavor, this new line marks the first time Takis has ever rolled out a non-spicy flavor, according to a March 20 press release.Described as "bursting with extremely cheesy flavor," the new variety will be available in the iconic rolled chip form, as well as Takis Pop and.

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for breaking the news about the limited edition Takis flavors, who spotted them online. They assert that, based on the packaging, the two new flavors will be Scorpion BBQ and Volcano Queso, and will change colors and dye your mouth as you eat them. Scorpion BBQ will change from dark red to neon blue, and Volcano Queso will begin orange and turn.

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Takis adds new Takis Buckin' Ranch to their line of rolled tortilla chips. Describes as packed with "zesty and creamy goodness," the new flavor can be found now at retailers nationwide in both 3.25-oz individual and 9.9-oz sharing size bags. According to Takis, ranch "ranks third among best-selling tortilla chip flavors."

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The five new brand extensions include: Takis® Waves: The brand is bringing a tsunami of flavor as it enters the $8.4 billion potato chip subcategory with its first line of ridged potato chips.

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The new Takis are going down well with most people, but some say the ranch flavor could be a bit punchier. One TikTok user tried the chips for the first time on camera and said: "Wow wow wow wow.

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View full post on Instagram. Some of the original flavors include fuego, nitro, and guacamole, but the new limited-edition chips come in volcano queso and scorpion BBQ. The chips change color with.

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The Dragon Sweet Chili flavor joins a fiery ever-expanding lineup, including Fuego, Crunchy Fajita, Blue Heat, and Nitro. Takis are high among the ranks of spicy chip snacks among chips lovers alongside Hot Cheetos and Chester's Fries.Whether you are a strong stan of one particular brand or an enjoyer of all spicy chips, Takis' latest Dragon Sweet Chili flavor is most likely going to receive.

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Takis Dragon Sweet Chili Packaging. This latest Takis ® offering takes innovation to the next level by introducing a new avenue of flavor, all while staying true to its spicy roots. The Dragon.

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The latest evidence for this craze is the appearance of a new flavor - Takis Dragon Sweet Chili - of its beloved spicy rolled tortilla chip snack in the United States. The snack company's move.

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Feb. 29, 2024. Takis Buckin' Ranch is the latest addition to the Takis lineup of iconic snacks. Source Barcel USA. Barcel USA. Takis announced its debut into the popular Ranch flavor category with.

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Crunchy, salty, flavor-loaded—it's obvious why Takis are a go-to for so many millions of consumers.The tightly rolled fried tortilla chip brand comes in a variety of bold flavors, including Fuego, Intense Nacho, and Blue Heat (a mouth-puckering and alarmingly spicy version that is, yes, bright blue).But the brand recently released an inscrutable new flavor called Dragon Sweet Chili.

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Now, we don't mean to denigrate the newest flavor from the crunchy, taquitos-inspired snack brand Takis.After all, the Intense Nacho Takis flavor (first announced on March 20, 2023) isn't just a cheesy collaborative concept developed with Grammy award-winning DJ Steve Aoki and the first non-spicy flavor produced by Takis in its history.

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The five new brand extensions include: Takis Waves: The brand is bringing a tsunami of flavor as it enters the $8.4 billion potato chip subcategory with its first line of ridged potato chips.With potato chips representing 30 percent of the salty snacks category, Takis Waves are ready to crash to shore and disrupt the mark.