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Step-by-Step Instructions. Step 1: Add the Midori to a cocktail shaker. Step 2: Add your citrus juices. Step 3: Add your egg white. Step 4: Put the lid on shaker and shake the cocktail without ice. This is called " dry shaking " and help provide a fluffier texture to the egg white froth. Step 5: Add ice into the cocktail shaker.

26+ Melon Sour Cocktail Rezept Pics Cocktail Rezepte Alkoholfrei

Directions. Step 1 Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add Midori, vodka, lemon juice, and lime juice and stir to combine. Top with seltzer. Step 2 Garnish glass with lemon peel and lime peel. Top with.

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This Melon Sour is a deliciously fruity cocktail with a zesty sourness that lets the melon flavour shine. The addition of eggwhite gives your cocktail a meringue-like top with a sweet creaminess that helps balance the tartness of the drink. Ingredients. 2-Parts Icon Liqueurs Melon Flavouring (pre-mixed)

26+ Melon Sour Cocktail Rezept Pics Cocktail Rezepte Alkoholfrei

Melon Sour Step by Step Mixing Guide. - Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes. - Pour 2 ounces of vodka into the shaker. - Add 1 ounce of melon liqueur to the shaker. - Pour 1 ounce of sour mix into the shaker. - Add 1/2 ounce of simple syrup to the shaker. - Close the shaker tightly with its lid.

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What's in a Midori Sour? The Midori Sour is a popular cocktail from the 1980's that sprung up after the bright green Japanese liqueur was introduced in the United States in 1978. Unfortunately, pairing the melon-flavored liqueur with sour mix and vodka made a super-sweet and artificial-tasting low brow drink.

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The Melon Sour is a green colored drink recipe made from Volare Melon liqueur and sweet and sour mix, and served over ice in a rocks glass garnished with a lemon wedge and a maraschino cherry. Ingredients. 1-1/2 oz Melon Liqueur (Volare Melon) 3 oz Sweet and Sour Mix;

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Brent Hofacker / Getty Images. Over time, though, sales of Midori went the way of big shoulder pads, disco, and sweet and sour mix as the late 2000s ushered in a more austere cocktail culture.

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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. (If using egg white then stain back into shaker, DRY SHAKE without ice and fine strain into ice filled glass.) 2 fl oz. Green melon liqueur. 1/2 fl oz. Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) 1/2 fl oz. Lime juice (freshly squeezed)

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Steps to Make It. Gather the ingredients. The Spruce / S&C Design Studios. In a collins glass filled with ice, pour the melon liqueur, vodka, and lemon and lime juices. The Spruce / S&C Design Studios. Stir well for about 20 seconds. The Spruce / S&C Design Studios. Top with club soda. The Spruce / S&C Design Studios.

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method. Fill the glass with ice and pour in Midori® and sour mix. Stir and garnish with a lemon wedge. Tweet. *Midori ® prohibits the sharing of this work with individuals under the legal purchase age for alcohol.

Melon Sour (Drink made with melon … License Images 332601 StockFood

Use a vegetable peeler to peel a whole lime in a spiral, keeping the peel unbroken the whole way. Use a sharp knife to cut off the edges of the lime spiral to make a clean edge. Set the garnish aside and add lime juice, egg whites and Midori to a cocktail shaker. Add ice to the shaker and shake for 15-20 hard shakes.

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Melon Sour Cocktail. Mixed Drink Recipe from Cocktail Builder. 1 3/4 oz of sweet and sour mix. 1 3/4 oz of Midori melon liqueur (or watermelon liqueur) Pour ingredients into a cocktail glass, stir and serve. More Recipes >>.

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Melon Sour Drink Recipe Instructions. Melon Sour Recipe Preparation & Instructions: Pour ingredients into a cocktail glass, stir and serve. SELPONT a Collection 4 Piece Hurricane Glass Set -. $41.99 Check Amazon Deals. barillio Elite Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit. $15.99 Check Amazon Deals.

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Add Midori, Vodka, lime juice, and lemon juice into your shaker and shake for about 10 seconds. 2 oz Midori, 1 oz Vodka, 0.5 oz Fresh lime juice, 0.5 oz Fresh lemon juice. Strain the content into your glass and add a splash of chilled soda water and garnish the drink with a cherry and a slice of lemon or lime. 0.5 oz Chilled soda water.

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Fill a shaker with ice. 2. Add vodka, melon liqueur and sour mix. 3. Shake well and strain into a glass. 4. Serve immediately. This cocktail is easy to make and perfect for a summer party! The melon liqueur gives it a delicious fruity flavor and the sour mix makes it refreshing and tart.

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The sweet and sour combination in this Midori Sour will tantalize your taste buds. This 4 ingredient drink is sure to please, everyone always asks for the recipe! If you're looking for a delicious and easy to make cocktail, this Midori sour drink is the one for you. Not only is the color of this cocktail bright and beautiful, but it has a bold flavor as well.