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According to spices added, Jimmy mustard is more piquant, while Dijon has more tang. Jimmy's grainy texture gives a subjective feeling of spiciness when you bite into a seed, so all the flavor hits at once. On the other side, Dijon is very particular due to seeds soaking in white wine, which I mentioned before.

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Jimmy John's is the place to go for freaky fresh and freaky fast gourmet sub sandwiches. Whether you want to order online, pick up in-store, or get delivery, you can find a Jimmy John's near you with the help of their website. Explore their menu, prices, rewards, and catering options and see why they think you'll love their sandwiches.

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Jimmy Mustard is a popular condiment offered at Jimmy John's, a renowned sandwich shop known for its fast and fresh service. This unique mustard is a tangy and flavorful addition to any sandwich, providing a burst of zesty taste that complements the fresh ingredients in the subs.

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Yes, it is a vegan condiment that is famously sold at the sandwich restaurant chain named Jimmy Johns. It's the mixture of tasty spices that is for making sandwiches or dipping savory French fries. This company also offers other vegan-friendly products such as Grey Poupon.

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Jimmy mustard is a whole-grain mustard which means it involves untouched mustard seeds, as well. Not being absolutely silky smooth but more textured makes it stand out. It has a ground-paste-like texture, similar to crunchy peanut butter. Being a signature condiment of Jimmy John's restaurant, it's impossible to know the exact recipe for.

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I always described it as a spicy brown mustard, and said it was my personal favorite of the two (which wasn't a lie. I miss working at JJs for the Jimmy mustard lol) I said it's our old fashioned seeded mustard in both of my locations. It's a deli mustard. Kind of like a whole grain yellow mustard.

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Jimmy Mustard: A Distinctive Condiment. Jimmy Mustard is a whole-grain brown mustard that contains mustard seeds, giving it a delightful crunch and texture. Often referred to as "old-school deli mustard," Jimmy Mustard offers a distinctive flavor profile that sets it apart from traditional yellow mustard. The condiment has gained popularity.

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J immy John's Kickin' Ranch will be bidding farewell to fans this month, as the fast food chain announced the discontinuation of the much-loved condiment. First introduced to the chain's United.

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As the name suggests, Jimmy Mustard is special mustard developed by Jimmy John's, an American cold-cut and sandwich chain restaurant. This mustard is whole-grain, brown in color, and has a ground-paste consistency with a good crunch. The crunch and great texture are due to Jimmy's whole grain seeds on the mustard.

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Jimmy John's offers four different condiments. These are Jimmy's Mustard, Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Grey Poupon (a brand of mustard), and Dijon Mustard. Although some particular sandwich menu items include a sauce, such as Ranch sauce or Horseradish Aioli. Perhaps not the most exhaustive list of sauces. In reality, you have two different.


What Is Jimmy Mustard? Jimmy Mustard is a whole grain brown mustard that is made by Jimmy John's, an American sandwich and cold-cut chain restaurant. Jimmy Mustard is also known as deli mustard, as Jimmy Mustard is a perfect addition to sandwiches. Jimmy Mustard contains whole grain seeds that give the mustard a great texture and crunch.

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The guy who took my order didn't know, but offered it to me and I liked it, so just curious. I don't even like the normal dijon but now I crave the Jimmy Mustard. It's so good. I'm a huge fan of dijon so I hella dig the new Jimmy Mustard. It's pretty much like dijon but spicier with the seeds (?) and the seeds add a nice crunch to the sandwich.

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Jimmy John's Discontinuing Kickin' Ranch. After six years on the menu, Jimmy John's Kickin' Ranch is soon to be no more. Kickin' Ranch joined the menu in 2018 as a condiment for Jimmy John's subs and a side for dipping. It has since become a "cult favorite," according to the brand. However, all good things must come to an end as.

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Jimmy Mustard from Jimmy John's is a delicious and tangy mustard sauce that is a staple condiment at the popular sandwich chain. It is a blend of mustard seeds, vinegar, and spices that add a zesty kick to any sandwich it is added to. The mustard is known for its bold flavor and smooth texture, making it a favorite among many Jimmy John's.

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jimmy john's frustrations fast-food mustard. Reader Jarrod wanted a plain (they call it a "Slim") sub from Jimmy John's with Dijon, rather than yellow, mustard. This is not allowed. These.

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Rip kickin ranch & jimmy mustard. Youll be missed, one more than the other. Week of jan 22nd, kickin ranch, dijon, jimmy mustard, bottle lemonade and monster energy removed from menu, mustards are replaced with squeeze bottle of Heinz yellow mustard. Edit: heres a pic of the email.