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The best versions of this classic pizza style are made with a specific flour designed to emulate the flour used to make pizza in Italy: '00' pizza flour. Why '00' pizza flour works: '00' pizza flour is a finely milled flour made from both hard and soft wheat. The hard wheat gives the dough strength, so it can be stretched thin without tearing.

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Double zero flour, or doppio zero, is an especially fine Italian flour used to make pizza dough and pasta. In Italy, flour is graded based on how fine it's milled: Grade 2: The highest grade, it's very coarse flour with a high bran content. It's usually used for rustic bread and baked goods. Grade 1: Medium-coarse flour with some bran. It.

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Flour Description; 00 bloem: Very fine Italian flour made of hard- or soft wheat. Amerikaanse patent: A high protein content wheat flour, so very high in gluten. Found in Dutch bakeries under the name 'lely'. Bread flour: Usually to indicate a high protein content wheat flour (around 13%), so very high in gluten. Durum

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Testing expert Jack Bishop breaks down everything you need to know about the different types of flour. Buy King Arthur Flour All Purpose Flour: https://cooks.

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The flour itself is finely textured but is also available in a coarse grind, which is called semolina flour. Use it in our homemade orecchiette. 00 flour has a very fine, powdery texture -- the digits refer to the grind of the flour. The high-protein flour is typically used for pasta, yielding silky noodles with just the right amount of chew.

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flour, finely ground cereal grains or other starchy portions of plants, used in various food products and as a basic ingredient of baked goods. Flour made from wheat grains is the most satisfactory type for baked products that require spongy structure. In modern usage, the word flour alone usually refers to wheat flour, the major type in.

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Cake Flour. Similar in protein level to pastry flour (about 8-9%), cake flour is milled to an ultra-fine consistency. It is also traditionally bleached. Bleaching slightly damages the flour's.

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Made out of finely ground blanched almonds, this gluten-free flour can be used as a 1:1 swap for all-purpose flour, but the results may vary. With baking (particularly non-yeasted recipes), the lack of gluten will affect the overall shape, usually resulting in less rising and more spreading.

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Pastry Flour: Pastry flour has a medium protein content and is between all-purpose and cake flour in texture. The fine texture produces flakey pastry crust while the slightly lower protein content prevents pastries from being too dense or chewy. In addition to pastries, this flour is also great for making cookies, biscuits, and quick breads.

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All-Purpose Flour . All-purpose flour is formulated to have a medium gluten content of around 12 percent or so. This makes it a good middle-of-the-road flour that can be used for a whole range of baking, from crusty bread to cookies to fine cakes and pastries. Even though all-purpose flour is a good general flour, most professional bakers don't use all-purpose flour.

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Hi Cyndee! Thanks for your comment! 00 flour refers to the grind for the most part. It is a super fine flour that generally is about 12.5% protein. The closest alternative if you can't find it is to use an unbleached all-purpose or perhaps a bread flour. However, you can buy 00 flour on Amazon and online now!

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Almond flour is made by blanching almonds in boiling water to remove the skins, then grinding and sifting them into a fine flour. This gluten-free favorite is low in carbs and high in healthy fats and fiber. To replace wheat flour with almond flour, start by replacing the flours 1:1 and then add more of a rising agent (like baking powder or.

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Whole wheat flour also goes bad quicker due to the additional oil found in the bran and germ. If you substitute whole wheat flour for all-purpose, add at least 1 teaspoon of water per cup of flour as whole wheat flour absorbs more water than all-purpose. 8. Type 00 flour. Amazon.

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Finely ground semolina flour, labeled "semola rimacinata," can also be used for pasta, but is primarily used in baking, for bread and focaccia doughs. 00 (Doppio Zero) Flour . Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik. Italian "doppio zero" (double zero) flour is highly sought after for pizza, flatbreads, focaccia, and pasta. (Italian flours use a grading.


Since these type of flour is made exclusively from the endosperm (the de-husked, wheat inner) it has a low protein content, about 6-8% for cake flour and 8-10% for pastry flour. The flour has a very fine consistency and is suitable for fine baked goods, cakes, tarts, cookies, sponge dough, short pastry, gingerbread, choux pastry, white bread.

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Double-zero flour, or "00 flour," is a finely-ground wheat flour that's commonly used for making traditional Neapolitan pizza doughs. When baked at high temperatures in wood-fired ovens, it yields a crispy, crackly pizza crust with moderate chewiness.