David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

Lazy Bear, San Francisco-. 8/16/2022. David Barzelay grew up in Tampa, FL and pursued his academic career at Vanderbilt University. After college, he enrolled in Georgetown Law, but quickly developed an interest in cooking and spent class time sneakily poring over cookbooks and food blogs. Shortly after moving to San Francisco for a job as an.

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

A Modern American Dinner Party. The best dining experiences are still the ones in which we're seated around a table sharing food and stories with others. The tables are just more distanced these days. This current version of Lazy Bear is not communal, but is one of the most distinctive dining experiences anywhere.

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Self-taught, Tampa-born chef, David Barzelay, channels his passion and skill for the culinary craft into unconventional dinner parties. What initially started as intimate gastronomic gatherings at an underground venue, grew into one of San Francisco's favorite dining experiences, and became a permanent installment as Lazy Bear, the now 2 Michelin-starred establishment helmed by David.

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

David Barzelay of San Francisco's Lazy Bear is a 2016 F&W Best New Chef. Fun fact: The name Lazy Bear is an anagram of Barzelay's name. Read more about this amazing San Francisco talent, one.

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Lawyer-turned-chef David Barzelay has had a wild ride. In 2009, he started hosting a series of underground dinners called Lazy Bear (an anagram of his surname), which quickly blew up, becoming the.

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David Barzelay has tapped into diners' growing interest in making dinner an experience rather than just a meal," NRN senior food editor Bret Thorn said. "By selling tickets, he makes a night.

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San Francisco, CA. A self-taught super chef, David Barzelay knows good food. With the runaway success of the underground rendition of his Michelin-starred restaurant Lazy Bear, one would be surprised to learn that his culinary path wasn't always set in stone. And with a background in law and a penchant for hosting entertaining dinner parties.

Lazy Bear, S.F.'s hottest underground restaurant, to go legit

Chef David Barzelay talks with diners before dinner at Lazy Bear in San Francisco, Calif. on December 13th, 2014. John Storey/Special to the Chronicle. Lazy Bear is going totally vegan for nine.

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David Barzelay shows off one of two goats he butchered at his first Lazy Bear dinner party, held in his San Francisco apartment in September 2009. Lazy Bear. Barzelay first got ambitious with.

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

Story. Lazy Bear's cuisine centers around nostalgia and a reverence for the wild, utilizing a wide variety of preservation methods and inventive techniques. But Lazy Bear's beginnings were unusual, to say the least. Starting as an underground restaurant in 2009 in Chef David Barzelay's apartment, Lazy Bear has always been a bit different.

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

David Barzelay knows a thing or two about entertaining. With no formal training, this chef turned a hit supper club into a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Chef-owner David Barzelay started his concept in 2009 as an underground venue; this year it became a brick-and-mortar business, taking over the Hi Lo BBQ space in the Mission.

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It started in 2009 as a dinner party at the home of its chef, David Barzelay. But after a recent three-hour meal, it was clear that the ticketing system made sense: It felt more like an event than.

David Barzelay FOUR Magazine

David Barzelay is a culinary visionary. From humble beginnings, Barzelay's self-taught culinary skills have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, earning him global recognition and acclaim. With his passion-driven approach, Barzelay transformed a thriving underground dinner party into the gastronomic sensation that is Lazy Bear.

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Owner David Barzelay—a self-trained chef and a pioneer in San Francisco's underground dining movement—opened Lazy Bear in 2014 after hosting elaborate dinner parties around San Francisco. At the restaurant, multiple courses of meticulously prepared dishes are served in unison to guests seated at two communal tables to create drama and.

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True Laurel, the new cocktail bar from Lazy Bear chef David Barzelay and bar director Nicolas Torres. You know Barzelay from those two Michelin stars — or maybe from the two times he's shared his favorite meals in town with us, from his (second) favorite neighborhood watering hole to "the Talking Heads of Mexican cuisine."