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Protection Spells are intended to prevent, protect, and repel danger.

According to occult wisdom, however, there are many kinds of danger in the world. Locking your door may prevent a human thief. However, certain dangers can only be repelled by magical methods. These dangers include:

  • Malicious spells, hexes, jinxes, magic “tricks,” or negative enchantment cast deliberately against one person by another
  • The Evil Eye
  • Assorted spiritual dangers deriving from a vast variety of spiritual sources. These may be caused deliberately or inadvertently


Incorporate the following into spells as desired:

  • NUMBERS: 5, the number of fingers on each hand, is the number most associated with magical protection, as are the magic numbers seven and nine
  • COLORS: red, black, and blue are the colors most associated with magical protection

Although these dangers derive from magical and spiritual roots, they may manifest in very physical ways, as illness, accidents, and general disaster. However, because their derivation is at least partly magical, prevention and remedies must also be, at least partly, magical.

Anti-bewitchment Spells

Anti-bewitchment spells create a protective shield, an aura of invulnerability against malevolent magic. They prevent the casting of enchantment against you, however they may not remove a hex already cast. Hex-antidotes or reversing spells are required instead.

Anti-bewitchment Spell (1) Asperging

  1. Dissolve saltpeter in water.
  2. Sprinkle over the thresholds of your home and on people to repel malevolent magic, as well as anywhere you perceive vulnerability.
  3. For maximum benefit, use protective botanicals as asperging tools, such as rue, rosemary, or rowan.

Anti-bewitchment Spell (2) Stones

This formula from ancient Mesopotamia to protect against malevolent magic is particularly beneficial if a future personal encounter with evil sorcery is anticipated.

  1. Choose five different stones, including a hematite and a lodestone. (The original Mesopotamian formula suggested different colored glass as well, but what they considered glass might not have been as sharp and jagged as what we call glass. Sea glass might work, or crushed faience.)
  2. Crush the rocks.
  3. Blend olive and castor oil and add essential oil of cypress.
  4. Let this mixture stand outside overnight, exposed to moon and starlight, absorbing their power. Simultaneously there should be spiritual petition, magical ritual, and fasting to bolster the effects.
  5. At sunrise, massage the body with the oil.

Aloe Vera Protection Spell

Aloe vera’s leaves, filled with healing, soothing gel, are shaped like spears. Maintain living plants on your altar for spiritual protection, especially if working with volatile entities or dangerous spirits.

Anti-assault Protection Spell

Carry dried heather sewn up in a sachet to magically guard against rape and sexual assault. (This enhances but, of course, does not replace more conventional safety precautions.)

Aura of Protection Spell

Strategically arrange blue crystal gemstones around the home or area you wish to protect, creating a magical boundary to keep out evil.

Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection

Many botanicals weave an aura of protection, including the ones that follow. Create your own protection spells by incorporating them. Try betony, black cohosh, cactus, calamus/sweet flag, fig leaf, five-finger grass/cinquefoil, garlic, hyssop, lavender, mugwort, peppermint, roses, rue, Saint John’s Wort, snake root, stinging nettles, tormentil, vervain, wormwood, and yarrow.

Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection Candle Spell

Hollow out the bottom of a black, blue, or red candle. Stuff it full of basic protection botanicals and burn the loaded candle.

Bay Laurel Protection Spell

According to myth, the bay laurel tree offered the Delphic pythoness Daphne an avenue of escape when fleeing rape. Place at least one bay leaf in each corner of every room to create an aura of protection.

Bell Protection Spell

Bells protect against evil. Their ringing causes many malicious spirits to flee and they are thus a primary component of exorcism rites. It’s not only their ringing tones that repel evil; bells, like broomsticks and mortars and pestles, are a discreet metaphor for the reproductive act. Creative acts of life counteract forces of destruction. For this protective ritual, four silver or iron bells are required.

  1. Consecrate the bells with Fiery Wall of Protection Incense. (Pass the bells through the smoke.)
  2. Charge the bells. Hold them and tell them their mission of protection, aloud if possible.
  3. Hang one in each corner of the area to be protected.
  4. Allegedly the bells will warn when danger appears from that direction by spontaneously ringing.
  5. Recharge bells that ring.
  6. After an emergency or perhaps as annual maintenance, repeat the entire ritual.

Botanical Guardian Spells

Although different botanicals provide different facets of magical protection, certain plants, especially in combination, provide a fearsome shielding aura, prevailing against evil from all sources.

Botanical Guardian Spell (1) Anti-evil

Allegedly, evil and malevolent forces cannot exist in the presence of the following botanicals:





  1. Their power is exponentially increased where they are maintained together. Maintain living plants for maximum power.
  2. For portable protection, take a sprig of each plant with you.
  3. Braid or weave them together, focusing on your desires.
  4. Place them in a red fabric bag and carry with you.

Botanical Guardian Spell (2) Nine Herbs

The following nine herbs allegedly withstand and protect against all spiritual and magical dangers:

  1. Eyebright
  2. Mallow
  3. Mugwort
  4. Saint John’s Wort
  5. Self-heal
  6. Speedwell
  7. Vervain
  8. Wormwood
  9. Yarrow

Plant them around the perimeter of the area needing protection, ideally in a circle. Maintain living plants in pots that may be arranged in a circle, if and when necessary. In times of spiritual danger, sit within that circle.

Cactus Fence Spell

The equivalent of the thicket around Sleeping Beauty’s castle, a boundary of tall prickly cactus around your home casts an aura of protective banishing against humans and spirits alike.

Casting the Circle

An incredibly simple yet remarkably protective spell is accomplished by casting a circle. Children’s games, such as tag, often designate an area as “safe”; once the child has reached the designated area, the opportunity exists to take respite. Casting the circle is similar: the space within the circle is designated as “safe.” No malevolent spiritual force can touch or harm you while within the circle. The materials used to cast the circle enhance this power.

In addition to personal protective magic circles, circles are traditionally cast to contain threshold experiences as well as whatever is perceived as potentially vulnerable:

  • Circles are drawn around ritual
  • Circles are drawn around a sickbed
  • Circles are drawn around women in childbirth
  • Circles are drawn around sleeping infants and children

Circle Spell (1) Basic

This is the very simplest protection spell of all. Cast a circle around you. (In other words, stand within while drawing the circle, rather than casting from outside, intending to jump inside when the circle is complete.) Sit in the center until you feel it’s safe to come out.

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Circle Spell (2) Celtic Quick Fix

Protective materials sufficient to cast a circle large enough to contain you comfortably may not be at hand when most needed. Draw a circle around yourself with a hazel branch. Hold onto that branch so that the circle’s boundaries may be adjusted and reinforced as needed.

Circle Spell (3) Wreath

Wreaths are circles, too. The form as well as the material used for construction contributes to a wreath’s protective powers. Pick primroses and convolvulus on May Day. Make wreaths and hang them to protect against evil.

Visible Circles

Visible circles aren’t necessarily more effective, however, their clear boundaries may provide additional peace of mind for the person within as well as security: you’re less likely to accidentally venture outside the perimeter if you can see it.

Regardless what material is used to cast a circle, it’s crucial that the circle be unbroken. Powerfully protective circles may be cast from the following:


Amber chunks or beads





Fiery Wall of Protection powder


Henna powder




Red brick dust or red ochre

Rice flour









Visible Circle Spell (1) Coral and Jet

Certain circle-casting materials, when combined, create a synergistic, exponentially increased magical effect. Cast a circle of alternating coral and jet. Substitute amber for coral if desired, or combine all three.

Visible Circle Spell (2) Double Concentric Circle

For extra fortification and maximum power, create double concentric circles: one circle within the other. Fill the narrow border between the two circles with protective amulets or salt.

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Crystal Protection Spells

Crystal Protection Spell (1) Black Crystals

Black crystals are used to create a shield against evil and danger. Any black crystal absorbs anger, danger, evil, and malevolence, however black tourmalines are believed to repel it.

  1. Hold the gemstones in your hand, charging them with your desire.
  2. Wear as jewelry or carry in a mojo bag especially when stepping into anticipated danger.
  3. Cleanse these crystals frequently so that their protective power is not hobbled but remains at full strength. (See Cleansing Spells.)

Crystal Spell (2) Witch Stones

Holed stones or holey stones—naturally holed pebbles—are also known as witch stones. In magical terms, they are as precious as any rare gem: they provide protection against malevolent magic, famine, storms at sea, and general spiritual disaster.

String a holed stone onto red cord or a silver chain. Wear around your neck during the day, hang onto your walls and bedposts at night.

Devil’s Shoestrings Safety Spells

The root, devil’s shoestrings, is used to provide magical protection. The following two spells are most effective if cast in conjunction with each other.

Devil’s Shoestrings Bracelet Spell

Nine roots of equal length are required; they can’t be cut to size. Knot them into a bracelet, blessing, affirming, and petitioning with each knot.

Devil’s Shoestrings Protection Powder

Grind up devil’s shoestrings and blend them with arrowroot powder. Sprinkle the powder in your clothing drawers, around your bed, and over your thresholds for round-the-clock protection.

Door Guardians

Thresholds are always places of combined power and vulnerability. The threshold of a home, the front entrance, is particularly vulnerable. Where does both bad and good news most typically enter the home? Right through the front door. Reinforce with protective measures. Door guardians are objects chosen for the protective magic that they radiate. Typically placed by the entrance facing outwards, they stand ready to battle and repel any approaching threat or evil.

With the exception of the Holy Child, under whose deceptively sweet demeanor a primordial spirit hides, these are fierce, threatening, even frightening images—but they’re door guards after all. Who gets hired to work as a club bouncer: a cute, little kid or a big bruiser? What type of dog is most typically on guard duty: a miniature poodle or a rottweiller? The fiercer, the more frightening the image, the more profound the protection offered by your door guardian.

Door Guardian (1) Aloe Vera

Place living aloe vera plants over the door, rather than beside it, to provide magical, spiritual protection.

Door Guardian (2) Blackthorn

Blackthorn is a small tree with profound magical connections. Associated with witchcraft, it’s also among the fairies’ favorite botanicals. As you’re requesting blessings of protection, it’s particularly important to request permission from the tree, explain your intent, and offer gifts and libations.

Create a rod from a blackthorn branch. Keep the shape simple or embellish with protective runes, symbols, and sigils. Hang it over the door to refuse entry to mischief, misfortune, and evil and malicious spells.

Door Guardian (3) Gargoyles

Technically the gargouille was a seventh-century water-spouting (as opposed to fire-breathing) dragon (think “gargle”) that lived in the River Seine and was slain upon orders of the local bishop. Although the use of animal-shaped water-spouts dates back to ancient Egypt, Etruria, and Greece, the term “gar-goyle” reemerged in eleventh-century Western Europe as the name given to functional but decorative rain spouts, carved in the form of grotesque creatures. Because they most frequently adorn churches and cathedrals, they, like the sheela na gig, are mysterious, evocative, surviving vestiges of paganism. Gargoyles give the appearance of demons but offer spiritual protection rather than harm. It’s believed that they are guardian spirits, magically preserved in stone; in the face of evil, however, they will break free to do battle.

In the past few decades, gargoyles have been adapted to serve as door guardians. Free-standing reproductions of famed gargoyles are available. You may also craft your own. Gargoyles do not have to be placed at the front door; consider your most vulnerable points and place gargoyles appropriately. Gargoyles also apparently enjoy each other’s company; there cannot be too many. Place them as needed in combinations that evoke a sense of security. According to legend, winged gargoyles can fly; feel free to move them around as desired.

Door Guardian (4) Tiger

In Asian magical tradition, tigers are the fierce sworn enemies of evil spirits. They are also animals closely associated with warrior spirits and witchcraft: a tiger’s magical knowledge is as great as its bravery and physical prowess. All are put to good use when the tiger serves as a door guardian.

According to Chinese schools of magic, it’s not advisable to maintain images of tigers within the home; because of their fierce, uncontrollable nature, they have a tendency to stimulate havoc. Instead post an image of one by the entrance door, either a paper image attached to the door or a statue beside the door to provide spiritual protection. The tiger must be looking away from the home searching for danger.

Doorstep Protection Spells

The doorstep marks the literal threshold. It is a particularly vulnerable spot. Many hexes involve what is called “dusting the doorstep.” The spell is activated by leaving its remnants or other magic materials at the target’s front door.

Many rituals are designed to transform this threshold into a zone of safety. Typically spells are repeated weekly with many involving “cleansing.” Because in some cases, although not all, it appears only that you’re being very clean and house-proud, this is also a very subtle, discreet style of magic.

(Should your doorstep ever be dusted, check Hex Antidote Spells for tips on removing items safely and repelling the spell, but follow up with protective measures, too.)

Doorstep Spell Floorwash

Urine is believed to have fierce magical commanding powers, hence its use in protective floorwashes. If you’re genuinely fearful or otherwise passionately emotional, assume that your desires are inherently transmitted; otherwise concentrate on your desire while scrubbing the steps.

  1. A bucket filled with some sort of floorwash is required for this spell.
  2. Choose any magical floorwash formula or merely fill a bucket with salted water.
  3. Add some of your urine to this bucket of wash water and then scrub the step.

Doorstep Spell Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust protects against malevolent magic and repels evil of all kinds.

  1. Smash an old red brick with a hammer until sufficient dust is obtained.
  2. Add red brick dust to a bucket of floorwash and scrub the front steps and threshold area.
  3. Sprinkle powdered red brick dust over the threshold daily before sunrise.

Doorstep Spell Rice

  1. Fill an open jar with raw white rice.
  2. Place the jar by the entrance door for protection.
  3. Rice doesn’t repel evil; it absorbs it. Replace with fresh raw rice weekly.
  4. Do not bring the old rice back into your home. Do not cook it. Dispose of it outside the home, whether by burning, throwing away, or scattering on Earth.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spells

Fiery Wall of Protection is among the most famous classic condition formulas. Its name invokes the power of Archangel Michael’s protective flaming sword. The formula may be consecrated to the archangel.

Fiery Wall’s basic ingredients include such powerful protective agents as salt, frankincense, and myrrh. Its red color, the color of protection, derives from dragon’s blood powder. See the Formulary for specific instructions: the dried powder may be used as incense or magic powder. When the powder is added to oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil is created.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (1) Candle

Carve a red or white candle with your name, identifying information, hopes, and desires. Dress it with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and burn. Consecrate the candle to the Archangel Michael if desired.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (2) Incense

Protect against a threatened curse by burning Fiery Wall of Protection Powder as incense. To intensify the protection, add powdered agrimony and/or vervain.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (3) Quick Fix

Soak a cotton ball in Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and carry it in your pocket or tucked into your bra.

Gris-Gris Protection

The term “gris-gris” derives from West Africa. Now frequently used as just another synonym for conjure, charm, or mojo bags, gris-gris originally indicated what the Portuguese called “fetishes:” handmade magical objects. The original West African gris-gris often took the form of dolls; modern New Orleans gris-gris are often a cross between a mojo bag and Vodou paquets-Congo, although doll-shaped gris-gris still exist.

For those who care about magical semantics, subtle, subliminal distinctions exist, however. Mojo, also derived from an African word, usually implies magically acquiring success, whether in love, gambling, money, employment, or legal matters. Gris-gris implies protection; the gris-gris bag thus tends to cover the spectrum between benign protective spells and hexes.

  1. The traditional New Orleans Voodoo bag contains an odd number of magically charged items, from as few as a single prized talisman to as many as thirteen.
  2. Gris-gris serves a specific purpose; consider your goal and choose items accordingly. Items may include botanicals, stones, bones, and intimate items including hair, nail clippings, or a scrap of fabric soaked with sweat.
  3. Charge items on an altar with all four elements represented. Petition and dedication to lwa or other spirits may be incorporated.
  4. If your goal is personal protection, carry your gris-gris; if protection derives from adjusting someone else’s behavior, typically the gris-gris is left on the doorstep of the other party’s property.

Guardian Animals

Animal allies may also be petitioned for safety. As usual, the most potent allies are always your personal allies. If you are unaware of their identity, request them to make their presence known in your dreams and visualizations or obtain professional shamanic/spirit-working advice. In the meantime, certain animals provide magical guardian services when requested.

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Guardian Animal Spell: Dog

Dogs provide magical protection as well as the mundane type. This protective spell benefits an entire community.

Create paper dogs so that you are ready to cast this spell on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (coinciding with Midsummer’s Eve). Charge them with their mission and throw them into living waters (rivers, lakes, springs) so that they’ll bite and incapacitate any evil attempting to emerge.

Guardian Animal Spell: The Five Poisons

In general, magical guardian animals are fierce. This makes sense: the Doberman is a more popular guard dog than a golden retriever. Chinese magic contemplates what it perceives as the five most venomous creatures and groups them together to provide magical protection, especially protection against animal attack, poison, and spiritual harm.

Create an image or collage of the five poisonous creatures: centipede, lizard, scorpion, snake, and toad. (The toad, source of powerful venom (think poison-arrow frog) is sometimes replaced by the spider. Use whichever frightens you more.) Images may also be purchased in Chinatown or from feng shui suppliers, however the image created for oneself is always most powerful. Wear to protect against spiritual danger, poison, venomous creatures, and animal attack in general. The image is regarded as particularly beneficial for protecting children and infants.

Guardian Snake Spells

Snakes are renowned for possessing divine powers to ward off evil. Think of a hidden jungle temple guarded by protective serpents. Legends of buried treasure or hidden magical valuables traditionally have snake or dragon (considered metaphysically to be a closely related species) guardians.

Guardian Snake Spell (1) Candle

Spiritual suppliers sometimes sell candles in the shape of coiled serpents.

  1. Hold the candle to charge it with your desire. If you wish, look the snake in the eye and charge it with its mission of protection.
  2. Burn the candle to release the snake’s guardian powers.
  3. Burning the candle is sufficient, however its power is enhanced by being dressed with Protection Oil.
  4. Burn at regularly scheduled intervals so as to define protective boundaries.

Guardian Snake Spell (2) Personal Bodyguard

Snakes can serve as personal magical bodyguards. Methods of tapping into snakes’ protective powers include:

  • Wear snake armlets on the upper arms
  • Snake rings offer protection as does snake imagery in henna designs
  • Permanent vigilance is provided by snake tattoos

In addition to their traditional role as guardians of treasure, snakes and dragons have discovered new realms to protect in the twenty-first century. Snakes and dragons have become the metaphysical protectors of computers and the treasures contained within.

Guardian Spirit Spells

Although there are many benevolent, powerful, protective spirits, your own strongest ally is always your personal guardian angel. If you’re unsure of his or her identity, consider that although there are spirits that offer protection, it’s best to call on someone you can count on. Call on whomever has helped you in the past, whomever you feel you have a relationship with. That said, there are spiritual experts in the world of protection, just as there are human security experts.

It takes a fierce spirit to defeat other fierce spirits: treat these guardians with respect. Transcending any other arrangements, the necessary payment for protection is respect.

Sign of Protection Spell

Images of the following guardian deities may be used to exorcise or drive off all manner of evil. Not only do they protect from the evil done by humans, they also guard people against danger threatened by less benevolent spirits.

  • Archangel Michael
  • Bes
  • Durga
  • Hanuman
  • Kali
  • Medusa
  • Ogun
  • Saint James the Major
  • Saint Martha the Dominator
  • Set
  • Shiva
  • Taweret
  • Various Tibetan and Chinese guardian spirits

Guardian Spirit Spell: Archangels Ritual Protection Spell

This spell is particularly effective for providing protection during ritual. However it may also be used any time spiritual protection is perceived as necessary.

  1. Designate four candles, one for each archangel: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.
  2. Dedicate each candle to one archangel; carve the angel’s name or sigil into the wax if you prefer.
  3. Place one candle in each corner of the room or make a circle with the candles on your altar.
  4. Encircle anything you wish to protect with a ring of these candles, including yourself.
  5. Burn the candles, replace as needed.

Archangel Michael Spell

Although the archangels (and potentially any angel) can provide tremendous protection, the archangel Michael is the very personification of protection. Always ready and alert, Michael the Archangel is charged as humanity’s guardian and defender. That’s his mission, his raison d’être. Put him to work if his services are required. Although Michael the Archangel will respond to any call for help, he is a particular vigilant defender against rape and sexual assault.

The aroma of frankincense summons Michael, however calling his name, particularly when desperate, may be sufficient. Call him with his invocation:

Michael to the right of me,

Michael to the left of me

Michael above me

Michael below me

Michael within me

Michael all around me

Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue please protect me today.

Herbal Protection

Gather dillweed, Saint John’s Wort, and vervain within white handkerchiefs. Either tie the packets closed with blue ribbon or create sachets using blue thread and hang these strategically throughout the home for spiritual and magical protection.

Hyacinth Antidote Spell

Carrying a hyacinth (jacinth) crystal gemstone allegedly protects one from poison.

Iron Spells

Iron repels evil of all kind. Most malevolent spirits cannot bear to be in its presence. In addition to providing protection, iron enhances and stimulates the growth of one’s personal magic powers, so that you are stronger and better able to protect yourself, requiring less outside spiritual protection. Iron also invigorates general vitality and energy.

Iron Protection Spells

Iron provides protection 24 hours a day, whether you are asleep or awake.

  • Bend a used horseshoe nail into a ring
  • An iron bracelet reinforces the magical protective capacities of the hand
  • String iron beads and wear around neck and ankles
  • For protection while you sleep, slip a knife or horseshoe under your pillow
  • If you prefer not to keep anything that hard in bed, a sword or fireplace poker can be kept under the bed
  • No need to keep anything in or under the bed: sleeping in a bed crafted from iron creates an island of safety, reinvigorating health, creativity, and fertility while you sleep

Iron Spell: Spoken Word

The power of iron is so strong that even if you don’t have any, just shouting out the word “iron” allegedly routs evil spirits.

Iron Spell: Simple

Ironworkers create intricate, complex amuletic designs for fences and gates. Of course, professional talent, extensive training, and skill are required. Simple spells can also be very powerful. Pow-Wow draws on potent household magic: a safety pin serves as a protective amulet. Wear one discreetly on your sleeve to repel dangers.

Living Boundary Spells

In fairy tales, witches’ cottages are surrounded by magical gardens. A garden creates a living altar that is cultivated to achieve your desired goals. A protective garden creates an aura of safety around the perimeter of your home.

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Living Boundary: Basic Protection Garden

Maintain a protective aura of safety around your home. Include as many of the following as possible: angelica, cactus, clover, dill, elder, flax, gardenia, garlic, holly, juniper, mugwort, nettles, oregano, roses, rosemary, rowan, rue, Saint John’s Wort, southernwood, thyme, vervain, wormwood, and yarrow.

Living Boundary: Circle of Trees

Grow or transplant as many of the following protective trees as possible: ash, bay laurel, birch, cedar, ceiba, hawthorn, hazel, iroko, juniper, oak, olive, and rowan. Arrange the trees in a circle, if possible.

Malicious Spirits Protection Spell

Should you hear someone call your name when no one is visibly present, and should you fear that this is a demonic ploy to lure you into trouble, take advantage of low-level spirits’ legendary low IQ: respond with a contradictory message. The classic Russian answer is something like “Come again yesterday,” but the more clever and creative your response, the more you’ll leave the spirits scratching their heads and impotent to hurt you.

Mean Spirit Repelling

This spell is particularly beneficial following banishing spells when you fear that malevolent spirits will attempt to re-visit the scene of their crimes. The aroma of this potion repels hostile, troublesome, malicious spirits and prevents their entry.

Place rotten apples, wine galls, vinegar, and sulfur in a cauldron. Add myrrh and red sandalwood and warm to a simmer.

New Year’s Protection Spell

This spell comes from Scandinavia; it is diametrically opposed to many Chinese New Year’s spells that instruct not to clean on New Year’s Day because you may accidentally sweep all your luck away, leaving you none for the year ahead. How you feel about cleaning will determine which magical philosophy is most appropriate for you.

  1. Clean the house completely on New Year’s Day, removing every speck of dust.
  2. Carry the sweepings to a crossroads and discard them.
  3. This renders the home immune to bewitchment and malevolent magic during the year to come.

Protection Bags

Simple Protection Bag

Entwine mugwort and Saint John’s Wort and place within a red bag. Hang over every door and window for powerful magical, spiritual protection.

Personal Protection Bag

This protection spell may be cast for yourself or for another.

  1. Put together a bag of your own or another person’s intimate items (hair, nail clippings, bits of fabric cut from a garment soaked with sweat, etc.).
  2. Place them within a charm bag.
  3. Attach it to the wall in a very discreet area by hammering in an iron nail. Simultaneously invoke blessings.

Protection Baths

Object Protection Bath

For empowering and protecting specific objects or ritual tools:

  1. Place marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, and sage within a bowl.
  2. Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over them.
  3. Sprinkle the infusion as needed or add the strained, cooled liquid to a spray bottle and apply as needed.

Protection Bath: Basil

This spell repels malevolent magic targeted toward you, repairs a damaged aura, and helps erect a personal protective shield.

  1. Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh basil leaves. Once it cools, strain the leaves out and discard.
  2. Bring the bowl of basil-infused water to the bath or shower. Stand naked in the tub or shower. Dip a clean white cloth (a handkerchief or hand towel) into the infusion and, wiping downwards and out, cleanse your body.
  3. Repeat daily for nine days. After the final bath, throw any remaining water (and make sure there is some!) out the front door with an aggressive motion.
  4. If this isn’t possible toss liquid into a pot filled with Earth. Remove it from your home and dispose of it immediately, preferably at a crossroads.

Salt Spells

Although any form of salt provides intense spiritual and magical protection, sea salt is believed most potent. Hoodoo tradition favors kosher salt because it has been blessed. In a pinch, any salt may be used although the closer it is to its natural state, the less it has been processed and essentially tampered with, the more magical protection and power salt can provide.

Salt Bath: Basic

Add salt to the bath to simultaneously provide spiritual cleansing as well as creating a powerful psychic shield. For a quick fix, just toss handfuls of sea salt, as many as desired, into a tub of running water. Stir to dissolve and soak.

Salt Scrub: Basic

Bath salts are added directly to the water; salt scrubs are applied with either a gentle or a vigorous circular motion to the body. The oil causes the other ingredients to cling to the body, even after rinsing. This is an extremely powerful way to create a cleansing, protective shield.

  1. The basic formula is one cup of salt to one half cup of oil, however you may wish to play with these proportions until you achieve a desired texture. This produces a fairly substantial quantity: store in an air-tight container such as a mason jar. Salt scrubs will last indefinitely, providing water doesn’t get into the container.
  2. Add more oil if you’d like a gentler scrub. Finely ground salt is less abrasive.
  3. Castor oil is the most protective carrier oil and should be added to the scrub, however it’s extremely thick and doesn’t always blend well. Add other carrier oils and play with proportions until it pleases you.

Salt Spell Quick-fix Circle

A potent quick-fix spell, particularly valuable when spiritual danger suddenly threatens to overwhelm you. Cast a circle using salt or black salt. Sit within the circle until you feel that it’s safe to come out.

Sapphire Spell

Sapphires allegedly serve as a protective talisman against violence.

Silver Spell

Silver is perceived as a spiritually incorruptible metal that radiates an aura of protection. Place a small piece of real silver under the hearth. Once upon a time a coin would have been used, but once upon a time dimes were real silver. A bead or charm would be very appropriate.


This ancient and simple spell breaks any impending enchantment: consciously chew on your left thumb.

Sulfur Spells

Sulfur protects against malevolent magic and repels evil entities. In North African magic, it is sometimes considered equal to salt as a protector against evil. Sulfur is a primary ingredient in exorcisms and banishing spells, where it is typically burned. This is traditional but not necessarily advisable: inhaling sulfur fumes is potentially very irritating. However there are other methods of use, particularly beneficial for protective magic.

Sulfur Spell Eye of the Amulet

  1. Make a paste by adding a bit of gum acacia or similar to sulfur powder.
  2. Stick a little bit of this yellow paste into the center of any amulet to transform it into a vehicle of protection. This is particularly effective for hand amulets or geometric-shaped amulets, such as triangles or diamonds. Although they are already potent, the sulfur effectively becomes the “eye” of the amulet, further activating and empowering it.
  3. Point the eye in the direction from which danger is feared.

Sword of Protection Spell

This symbolic sword is carried to fend off hurtful words and harmful actions.

  1. Cut a piece of paper from a clean paper bag.
  2. Draw a sword on it.
  3. Place it within a leather pouch or metal amulet bag, together with a pinch of cayenne or habanero pepper and a pinch of sulfur.

Tiger Lily Spell

Tiger lilies serve as the botanical equivalent of tigers. Plant them near the home to prevent the entry of mean spirits.

Witch Ball Hex-breaker

“Witch balls” are large, beautiful, iridescent glass balls, resembling colored crystal balls or gigantic Christmas tree ornaments. They are traditionally hung from windows or placed atop pedestals in the garden to catch and absorb any approaching curses. Whether the witch ball reverses the spell is subject to debate; however it’s generally acknowledged to shield and protect from malevolent bewitchment.

Arrange witch balls strategically around the property; near the front entrance and any other perceived vulnerable spots. (This is easy to implement as witch balls are so attractive, non-magical observers will assume they are merely garden ornaments.) Despite their ornamental value, witch balls are magical tools. Magically cleanse them on a regular schedule by bathing with mugwort-infused spring water.

Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell

Glass, ceramic, stone, or metal bottles may be used for these spells against hexes and for protection against malicious spirits; don’t use plastic.

  1. Place three pins, three needles, and three nails inside a bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle with salt.
  3. Add three drops of menstrual blood or prick your smallest left finger and let three drops of blood flow into the bottle.
  4. Seal the bottle securely and bury it under the hearth or next to your home.

Yin-yang Protection Spell

Create a protective amulet with magic beans. Yin-yang beans are the large gray seeds of the bonduc tree. They allegedly serve as the balance between male and female energy.

String a pair of beans onto a cord, together with one contraveneno bean, to provide spiritual protection. They guard against spiritual and psychic danger. Allegedly, if they are forced to do their job, the contraveneno will split into four pieces along the cross that marks one side of this black bean.

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