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In ancient Armenian "Darman" stands for "natural remedy, medicine, cure". It represents our belief in the healing power of Nature, its ability to purify our bodies, grant health and longevity. With our delicious, organic products, we try to bring nature closer to people and people - closer to their roots.

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Authentic Teas is a new boutique tea company, a joint venture between Armenian-Canadian Hrant Isbeceryan and Canadian partner, David Richardson. The global tea trade is booming and worth over $13.

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Order Authentic Wild Organic Tea Now! Risk free 100% money-back guarantee. Find out why we think Armenia has the best wild herbal artisan teas in the world. Watch the handcrafted wild organic tea harvest. "Even before tasting the tea, one smell of the contents and I knew this was going to be something special.". Pearl D., 08/10/2010.

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Darman Tea. Showing 1 - 28 of 28 products. The one of a kind natural environment, Armenian soil, sun and water ensure the unique taste profile and healing qualities of our herbs, that are grown at an altitude of 1300-2300m above the sea level. We gather, process, mix and package our products according to the highest Organic European standards.

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The tea contains a mix of 7 types of herbs picked up from the ecologically pure highlands of Armenia. The Company Ritea was founded in 2014. The herbal teas include plants from the highlands of Armenia, which have not only unique taste and pleasant aroma, but also are endowed with property of healing anumber of health problems. The groups.

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As a result of our ethno-botanical research and ancient manuscript study we rehabilitate about 68 specialty infusions of herbs and flower that were used by Royal Families being in charge of Armenia since ancient time by the end of middle ages. This discovery is ethno botanist Dr. Armen Mehrabian's pride. It is a culmination of over 7000 years.

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The capital of Armenia - Yerevan sights in one tea The word "jan" is often used after different special names to make it more warm and friendly. - herbal tea - 5000 AMD. Ingredients: thyme, mint, rosehip, thyme/mint ; Natural product, without dyes and additives. Net Weight: 50±2 gram (rosehip - 90±2 gram). Close

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Russian MIR TV about Armenian teaNovember 23, 2020. About the business… and not onlySeptember 15, 2020. EBRD and EU4Business help organic herbal teas spread nature's healing powerJanuary 31, 2020. About Darman Tea.

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Armenian Herbal Tea. Armenia has many hidden treasures: historical, religious and botanical, of course. Our ecologically clean mountainous regions are rich in a wide variety of herbs and plants, which have been collected and used in traditional cuisine and medicine over centuries. There is a unique culture of wild-crafting based on solar and.

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Tea Rituals by Darman. Armenian Tea Rituals by Darman is the first and only tea-drinking ceremony in Armenia, accelerated through ONEArmenia's (1A) "Inside Armenia" project.. You may have read about 1A and their work in tourism on our blog before. In short, 1A is a nonprofit organization that develops and launches extraordinary cultural experiences in Armenia that give back to local.

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EACH INFUSION BAG IS INTENDED FOR BOTH A GLASS (5-8 MIN) AND A TEAPOT (12-18 MIN) Top quality raw materials. No dyes. 100% hand-packed. Decaffeinated100% natural. Without GMO. About us. Our herbals teas are not only delicious and healthy, but represent thousands of years of history and traditions which are unassumingly supplied for your enjoyment.

Armenia Tea bottle, Armenia, Pure leaf tea bottle

Premium Teas Specialty T-Stick Pomegranatin (Longevity Infusion) $14.95 Armenian Tea (Wild Thyme & Mint Delight) $ 14.95 Royal Nectar (Elderflower & Linden flower Pleasure) $ 14.95 Ambrosia Princess (Queen Flower Spice) $ 14.95 Queen's Nectar (Eternal Beauty Flower) $ 14.95 King's Tea (Royal Palace Infusion) $ 14.95 T-Combo (Tasters set) $ 14.95 Specialty T-Stick Pomegranatin […]

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The Armenian tea ceremony is a meticulous process that involves brewing tea with precision and care. A samovar, a traditional tea urn, is often used to heat and brew the tea. The tea is typically strong and dark, served piping hot in small glass cups called "armud.".

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Armenian Tea (Wild Thyme & Mint Delight) - ARMENIAC Food Bijou. Armenian Tea (Wild Thyme & Mint Delight) $ 14.95. - +. Add to cart. The effects of a balanced combination of carefully harvested wild mint and mountain thyme makes this infusion soothing and ideal for relaxation. According to the manuscripts, King Sanatruk (of Arshakuni dynasty.

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MOUNTAIN TEA has organic certification of European Union. It is gathered in ecologically clean mountain regions of Armenia and cultivated in traditional way, without chemical actions. Welcome to the world of refreshing cup of tea with Armenian wild mint, thyme, rosehip and other mountain herbs.


The Armenian highlands, located in the mountainous region between the Black and Caspian Seas, host pristine alpine habitats that produce an abundance of wild herbs. It is from this pure source that Authentic Teas' tisanes, or herbal teas, are produced. We ensure all our teas are wild-crafted, meaning the herbs are harvested sustainably in the.