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All Season cabbage plants are one of the earliest and best heirloom cabbage varieties. A heading variety with large, 10-12 pound round, but flattened heads. Buy and plant some All Season cabbage in you vegetable garden today.

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These seeds produces very flavorful heads of cabbage. - Very reliable variety - It is best known as one of the earliest and best cabbages on the market - Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops Days to Maturity | 65 days Cabbage Seeds | ๏ธ Cabbage is an annual cool-season crop, hardy to frost and light freezes. A

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Sow cabbage seeds indoors 8 weeks before the last spring frost for a spring crop and 14 weeks before the first fall frost. Seeds sprout in 4 to 10 days. Cabbage seeds last up to 4 years. Cabbage seeds are available online at In areas with mild winters, like the low desert of Arizona, cabbage grows best during the winter season.

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All Seasons Cabbage. SKU: ZZ-CAB12. Price $2.00. Quantity. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. The All Season Cabbage lives up to its name as a versatile and dependable cabbage variety. This medium-sized, round heads with tightly packed, crisp leaves, it boasts a mild and slightly sweet flavor, making it an all-around kitchen favorite.

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Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date or directly sow in early spring for a fall harvest, ensuring a continuous supply. Create well-draining, fertile soil with a pH level between 6.0 to 6.8, amending with compost for enriched soil. Plant all-season cabbage seedlings 12-24 inches apart to allow ample space for growth and head.

Cabbage All Season

1 Ounce. $11.59 ($11.59/ounce) Quantity. Decrease quantity for Cabbage Seeds - All Seasons -. Increase quantity for Cabbage Seeds - All Seasons +. Add to cart. Suitable for spring, summer and fall gardens. Open Pollinated Seed. Heat tolerant cabbage, with huge production.

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All Seasons was first listed by J.J.H. Gregory & Son, of Marblehead, Mass in 1886. A few years later it makes an appearance in Burpee's 1890 Farm Annual as "Novelty" under the name "The Vandergaw". Can also be used in the Northern states for a late variety. Plants are 12-14" high and 30-36" wide. All Seasons cabbage produces fine heads that are.

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The All Seasons Cabbage is a very heat resistant cabbage that is resistant to yellowing and will offer a nice flavor in any dish. This cabbage produces fine heads that are about 10-11" across and average about 11-14 pounds.. Main Season. Fruit Weight. 10-15 lbs. Growing Conditions. Heat Tolerant. Cubic Inches. 1.4625. Life Cycle. Annual.


Grow top-notch cabbage plants with quality cabbage seeds that produce crisp, tasty, and nutritious cabbage leaves available from Burpee. Browse a wide variety of Chinese, organic, and hybrid cabbage leaves that are perfect for a second season supply in stock at Burpee.

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Plant cabbage in full sun. Prepare the planting beds ahead of planting by covering beds with 2 to 3 inches (5-7cm) of aged compost or commercial organic planting mix and turning it under to 12 inches (30cm) deep. Cabbage grows best when the soil pH is between 6.5 and 6.8. The soil needs to be fertile and non-acidic.

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90 days โ€” Also known as 'Vandergaw', [1,2,3] this variety is heat resistant, fine-flavored and produces good, hard heads that are ten inches in diameter, average about twelve pounds in weight, and are round but flattened on the top. As its name implies, it is an all purpose variety useful for early, intermediate and late season harvests.

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Open Pollinated. All Seasons Cabbage. This early maturing plant produces very flavorful heads of light green cabbage. The heads average 10 to 12 in diameter and weigh 10 to 12 lbs. It is used for making sauerkraut. It is one of the earliest and best cabbages around. Very reliable! A good mid-season cabbage for those regions with a moderate to.

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Red Acre Cabbage $ 3.69. All Seasons is an excellent mid-season cabbage that produces 11" solid, round heads with slightly flattened tops. Heads average 10-15lbs each. Traditionally used for sauerkraut, but also suitable for fresh eating or cooking. Good heat tolerance. 85 days to harvest.

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Sow cabbage seeds ยผ inch deep. Before planting the seedlings outdoors, harden off the plants over the course of a week. Transplant seedlings outdoors on a cloudy afternoon 2 to 3 weeks before the last spring frost date. Plant seedlings 12 to 24 inches apart in rows, depending on the size of the head desired.

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In general, cabbage is in season during the fall and winter months in the Northern Hemisphere and during the spring and summer months in the Southern Hemisphere. Here is a breakdown of cabbage seasonality by region: North America: Cabbage is in season from late fall to early spring in most regions of North America.

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All Seasons cabbage grows best in cooler weather between 40ยฐF-75ยฐF. They do great in containers and gardens. Bank on Seeds recommends transplanting. If Direct Seeding. Direct seed outside 2 weeks after last frost date; or. Direct seed into a container 8-12 inches deep and wide anytime of the year. It can be placed outside when the temperature.