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Aldi shoppers are pumped for this deal on avocados. Shutterstock. Avocados are a great source of fiber and protein, and they're also pretty tasty, too. The biggest problem with them is that they often tend to be fairly pricey. For comparison's sake, the lowest-priced avocado currently offered by a Safeway in Oakland, CA costs $2.50 (via Safeway.

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According to a study by ConsumerLab.com (via the Motley Fool), Aldi's Simply Nature 100% Pure Avocado Oil isn't actually 100% avocado oil. In fact, several other avocado oils on the market also failed that test. In total, the organization tested 36 avocado oils, but only 11% passed its quality and purity tests..

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According to the Aldi website, the frozen avocado chunks come in 10-ounce bags that cost just $2.99 each. That's quite a steal for Aldi shoppers to keep an eye out for. Plus, it just might help some shoppers skirt the need to slice and dice their own avocados. While customers were pleased to hear about the new addition, many are discussing how.

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Fresh. Carrots. Simply Nature. Organic Grass Fed 93/7 Ground Beef. Baker's Corner. Yellow Cake Mix. Baker's Corner. Dark Chocolate Morsels.

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With the ALDI Frozen Avocado Chunks ( Season's Choice Frozen Avocado, $2.99 for a bag), it is the most convenient way to enjoy avocado. Whether you want a couple of pieces as a topping for a sandwich, a handful to add to a smoothie or the whole bag to make guacamole, it is gives the home cook options. Although many people have learned to.

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On reddit, a self-professed excited Aldi shopper uploaded a photo of a new chopped salad kit: Bacon Avocado Ranch.While this variety has yet to be added to Aldi's online showing of Little Salad Bar salads, you can find and order it on Instacart for $2.19 each 12 oz. bag. The one photographed on reddit, however, is only 9 oz. Like the other salad kits Aldi sells, this one — which contains a.

81 of the Best Keto Finds at ALDI Official Hip2Keto

Avocado oil is a great alternative to recipes that need olive oil or to dress a salad or other dishes. Aldi has avocado oil in stock, so try this option that was named an Aldi fan favorite last.

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With 5 generations on the land, Blakers avocados is very much a family-run business. Their 111-year-old farms are located in Manjimup, WA. Since 2016, Blakers has been proudly partnering with ALDI to get the freshest avocados in Aussie mouths. Blakers commitment and dedication to providing Aussies with creamy, nutty avos remains at the core of.

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To keep your avocado's natural color, brush the surface of a peeled or sliced avocado with lemon juice. Or, cover the pulp with plastic wrap. Hass avocados will turn black when ripe. Most Florida and non Hass avocados will remain green. However, all varieties are ripe when the full fruit gives when squeezed tightly.

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Simply Nature Avocado Oil is a Regular Buy, which means you can find it in stores all the time. The bottle boasts that it is certified non-GMO. The oil, the label says, is a product of the USA, Mexico, or Spain. Aldi's avocado oil costs $6.99 for 17 ounces, or 41 cents an ounce. That's about 10 times as expensive as Carlini Vegetable Oil.

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19 Awesome ALDI Deals for April You Can't Afford to Miss Hip2Save

Sunflower Chopped Salad Kit. Like almost all of Aldi's salad kits, this one begins with a base of finely chopped cabbage (both green and purple), green leaf lettuce, kale, carrots and scallions. It's a good, well-balanced mix, and a solid vehicle for the mix-ins and dressings—in this case, that means sunflower seeds, bacon pieces and sweet.

Baked Avocado ALDI UK

Costco didn't have mini avocados, so this comparison is between Aldi and Trader Joe's. At the time we visited, Aldi had a red-sticker sale on its mini bagged avocados ($1.99 per bag). TJ's retails for $3.99, which comes out to roughly 67 cents per avocado versus 33 cents at Aldi — that's basically a 50 percent savings on avocados alone!